Ginny shares a message of non-duality, Advaita in a radical sense. This message is an energetic recognition that there is nothing to transcend or change because freedom is inescapable as it is all there is already. Unconditional love includes everything. Seeking to liberate or heal can perpetuate suffering because everything is already wholeness even the feeling of being incomplete. Pointing towards the all-inclusive reality of everything being wholeness can unravel the contracted energy of separation. Ginny offers one-on-one Zoom calls. She suggests the illusion of mortal identification with the limited form of “me” for the possibility of opening up to the eternal pure oneness that always has been and all that IS; This is not a process or teaching but a reminder of what you already know, that which already is, nothing being everything. Please join the email list for upcoming group Zoom call dates and times. Contact Ginny below for a one-on-one session. Call Ginny for free during the day for a short call if you’d like to chat or have questions.

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